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Our company mainly produces more healthy, safer, more environment friendly and more durable automotive floor mats and materials. The company implements advanced scientific management, has established strict quality assurance system, and passed quality management system certification, so that the product quality has a reliable guarantee. Our company is the supplier of many well-known domestic automobile manufacturers; At the same time is also the long-term supplier of more than 1000 domestic car dealers.


automotive interior products


  • Good reviews of Tesla floor mats from UK customer

    We are a professional TPE mat supplier, producing both custom floor mats and universal car mats. In July, a wholesaler of car mats in the UK asked us to sent samples of Tesla model Y car floor mats for quality checking. He received the mats last week, and expressed his satisfaction, will place bi...

  • 2022 TPE Universal Car Trunk Mat

    We are a professional TPE mat supplier, producing both special TPE trunk mats and universal TPE trunk mats. The one below is a new cropped trunk mat for 2022, which is very popular with customers. It can be freely cut into various shapes according to the trunk of differ...

  • Is it necessary to install a car seat cover?

    Car seat mats,TPE car seat mats, all weather seat mats, install seat mats,car seat cover. Is it necessary to buy a car seat cover? Whether it is necessary to install a car seat mat depends on the personal preferences and wishes of the car owner. Installing a seat mat co...

  • New material TPE car back seat mats

    We are a professional TPE car back seat mat supplier, producing both special TPE floor mats and universal TPE floor mats. What’s new material TPE? Because it simplifies the processing process and reduces the processing cost, thermoplastic elastomer TPE/TPR material has ...


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